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You can now access Bollyvista.com on your WAP enabled mobile phone - just point your mobile phone to http://wap.bollyvista.com/ or wap.bollyvista.com

To try it now on TagTag.com browsing tool, provided below, click on 'Go' link. When the WAP site emulator loads up, click on the 'up arrow' 'down arrow' and 'back' keys with your mouse button to simulate browsing on your phone.

http:// Go!

This WAP enabled version of "Bollyvista.com" website gives you access to latest articles on Bollyvista anytime, anywhere! You will able to access latest news & gossip, movie reviews, movie previews, music reviews, features & interviews etc.

Remember to bookmark this site on your wap phone.

Note: http://wap.bollyvista.com/ is only accessible through WAP browsers.


What is WAP?
WAP stands for 'Wireless Application Protocol', which is a standard for accessing the internet with wireless devices, e.g. mobile phones.

How do I know my mobile phone is WAP enabled?
If you got a mobile phone in the last year or two, it is very likely that it can be used for WAP services. Popular models that support WAP include: Samsung SGH-A300 and Nokia 3330, 5510, 6210, 8310 and 7110. If you are unsure whether your phone is capable of receiving WAP services you will need to ask your service provider about it.

My mobile phone is WAP enabled but I can't access any WAP services?
Most of the mobile phone networks charge an additional fee for providing access to WAP services. If you are unsure whether your service provider has enabled WAP services on your phone, you'll need to ask your service provider about it.

How do I bookmark Bollyvista.com WAP site?
It is possible to enter the address of any WAP service into your phone so that you can access it. The way you enter this address will differ depending on your phone. If you are visiting a WAP service frequently it is advisable to bookmark the page so you do not need to enter the address each time. To bookmark Bollyvista.com WAP service enter the address: http://wap.bollyvista.com/ or wap.bollyvista.com

Exactly how you bookmark a WAP service address will depend on the phone you are using. Please check your phone instructions guide or contact your service provider to find instructions on how to do it.

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